Trish’s Wedding

For those of you who followed my Costa Rica blog, you will remember my best friend Trish just married our Costa Rican friend Albin Contreras Mata in December. Here’s a photo of Trish and all the ladies (L to R: Kate, Sarah, Amy, Melissa, Trish, Hannah, Brittany, Rachel) in Cincinnati on a freezing cold, windy day… We’re a lot colder than we look : ). The only unfortunate thing about the photo is that you can’t see our sparkly gold platform heels… not kidding, we really wore them. Trish, do you have any group photos with our shoes showing?

And for anyone interested in reading more about Costa Rica, Trish started a new blog that you can read here. Sarah (pictured above, second from the left) also just moved to Costa Rica and you can read her blog here.