Food Flashbacks

Food has been giving me Costa Rica flashbacks lately…

I was visiting my parents’ church a couple weekends ago, and I randomly chose a Sunday School class to go to after the service. A Nicaraguan woman was celebrating her birthday by bringing tres leches cake to share with everyone. Talk about a flashback to when my own CR family made a cake for me. Just in case you don’t know, tres leches is a white cake drenched in milk and sweetened condensed milk, then slathered in rich icing. YUM.

I was at a Spanish Bible Study this evening with the La Viña church here in Elgin, and as soon as I walked in the door, I was handed a plate full of flashbacks! Spaghetti, potato chips, and a sandwich (lots of bread and one piece of ham and cheese)… In other words, my stomach is currently remembering those three years of nights going to bed very satisfied from all those carbs I ate for dinner. Oh, and I can’t forget the flashback the mayonnaise (giving my ham and cheese sandwich a twist!) gave me to the aisles and aisles (or so it seemed :)) of lime-flavored mayonnaise you could find at any CR supermercado.

Cake, carbs, and mayonnaise = Food flashbacks : )