Patacones… Tico Style

After living in Costa Rica for three years, I craved these about once a week. Since coming back to the U.S., I had an antojo this week that could no longer be resisted for… patacones!!

After explaining what patacones are to a Cuban co-worker, I learned she calls them tostones. I’m sure there’s a million different Spanish names for them out there (as there seems to be for every Spanish dialect), but here’s a description in English:

Take a green plaintain.  Peel off the skin. Cut it into one-inch pieces. Fry it. Mash it. Fry it again.

Yes, double-fried. Best. Flavor. Ever. (although not the healthiest : ))

Pile it with guacamole, frijoles molidos, natilla, cilantro and queso and you have yourself a loaded patacon!

best. ingredient. ever.