Gardening in My Skinny Jeans

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Yes, you read that right. In my skinny jeans. I figured I needed to wash them anyway, so why not garden in them? Haha.

After living in Costa Rica for several years, I was finally able to take advantage of MomĀ“s perennial generosity. Mom was excited to share her flowers and I was excited to receive : ). We dug in her garden to our hearts’ content on Saturday (actually until it started raining and we were running for cover) and today I dug to my heart’s content (actually until I ran out of things to plant : )). I’m excited for the garden to not look so… droopy, haha. We can look forward to yellow and orange day lilies, purple cone flowers, black-eyed susans, yellow buttercup, snapdragons, and another flower that I forgot its name : ). There’s also a miniature forsythia bush that will bud yellow next spring. Oh, and you can’t forget the hostas. : )

Flowers from Mom: free

Mulch: $5

Childhood favorite Snapdragons: $4

Dirt under my fingernails: priceless