Nuns and The Hunger Games

All in a day´s work, I visited a Catholic school and saw The Hunger Games.

For my masters homework, I was assigned to visit a single-gender Catholic school in the area. The director (we´ll call her Sister Norma) was generally very warm in her welcome, although she was at first suspicious about my intentions for visiting. “Usually graduate programs will send a letter asking for their students to come and observe… Are you sure you’re not here to shoot our students?” she asked as she eyed me suspiciously. Taken aback by the directness and insinuations in her tone of voice, I replied, “Absolutely not, ma’am,” which must have convinced her because I was then permitted to observe in several classrooms.

On my way out the door, Sister Norma asked me how it all went. I thanked her for arranging the visit and handed her a Starbucks giftcard. She tried to give it back, and I told her that if she did not like Starbucks, then she could give the card to someone else. She got almost a dreamy look in her eye and replied, ”Oh, actually, I love their white chocolate mocha!” I think that meant she’ll be spending the giftcard on herself.

My intentions in visiting the school had nothing to do with shooting; however, my intentions for going to see The Hunger Games were to continue my fascination with Katniss and her sharpshooting skills. After reading the book trilogy by Suzanne Collins, it took me about a week to get over the nightmares (my imagination is overly-sensitive when reading anything violent… In teacher language, I have fantastic visualization skills as I read, lol.), and then at my sister´s urging, I agreed to see the film. Two words: WORTH. IT. The movie was not nearly as gory as my imagined version of the book, so I have been nightmare free. What I appreciated most about the movie was that the screenplay stuck very close to the original book. Not many movies-based-on-the-book these days can claim that, so kudos to the screenwriters and the director for staying true to Suzanne Collins’ original plot.

I don’t think Sister Norma would approve of my current Hunger Games obsession, but then again, I didn’t ask : ).