Not Just One… TWO Pick-Me-Ups

Weekend homework: Write a letter to the person of your choice. Here’s two letters I graded yesterday:

Dear Miss. Siscoe I am so happy for wat you have done for me. You have shod my how to speel words. How to read lots and lots faster. So thank you for all the stuf. Stay cool

Sensirly Tomas

And if that wasn’t enough to encourage me, I graded another one:

Dear: Mrs. Siscoe

Thanks for all you done for teaching and being a good teacher. You teached alot of things like writting I became better at writting and at science I learned about clouds and the solar system.



Now I can’t help but wonder… Because these letters are graded, is this just brown-nosing? Do I grade spelling and punctuation, grammar, or content? : )