All Time Best Hyperbole

Okay, so I’m biased. This is only the best hyperbole because it summarizes my job so well.

Just in case you need a reminder (I know I did before I taught this): a hyperbole is the use of extreme exaggeration to make a point.

We’ve been having fun learning different forms of figurative language, and today the topic was hyperbole. I gave a few examples (including the classic “He’s faster than a speeding bullet!” Students loved this one — that’s the illustration of the shooter in the photo below. The bullet is already out of sight, and notice how the student added smoke on the gun : ) It’s the little things that make me smile, lol.)

Okay, so I gave a few examples, and then students had to think of their own examples. Tomas writes above, “I’m learning too much my head is going to explode.” LOL I love this!!! He has asked me repeatedly over the last few weeks, “Why are you requiring so much from me!?” with an exhausted look on his face. My response is, “Because I know you are capable of high expectations.” I also LOLed at his illustration below:

Bom = boom. We love creative spelling in my classroom. : )

So there you have it. The best hyperbole ever.