I Love Chaos

Allow me to clarify: I love organized chaos, which is essentially the essence of being a teacher. So while I only have 13 students, why not invite a class of 25 students to join us for the messiest project of the school year? : )

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Okay, so we visited Jewel last week as a field trip and the store managers showed us all the ways that Jewel is now recycling. One of the examples was that they take recycled plastic bags and make benches out of them. How cool, right?

So a co-worker and I got the bright idea to have our students do an Earth Day/recycling/Mother’s Day project (One of my teaching strengths is killing more than two birds with one stone, lol. My students would be confused if I said that : )). We are recycling newspapers and magazines to make paper beads for bracelets to give to mothers on May 13th. Clever, eh? I enjoyed the mass chaos today… We continue the process tomorrow!