I’m sure you can relate — sometimes life just feels… daily. When someone asks me if I’ve done anything fun lately, I don’t know what to say, especially considering my sense of fun for three years was whizzing through trees harnessed to a cable or being spit at for laughs at the school talent show. It’s not that life now is boring at all; it’s just that life is pretty routine these days.

Daily now means teaching about Ancient Rome and acting out a Republic with my students — complete with toga costumes and speeches from our class-nominated senators. Students love being the plebeians because they get to vote which senators will become consuls (like the president : )).

Daily now means leaving school around 3:30 to go to a 4:15 work out class at the Elgin Center before driving to masters class at 5:30. After lots of intellectual educational conversation, I drive home at 9:30 to make my lunch for the next day and fall into bed.

Daily now means going to Bible study on Friday nights — I alternate between a Spanish and an English study. I enjoy the challenge of the Spanish and the friendships with the Latina women while also enjoying ”easy” English conversation the opposite Fridays.

Daily also means cooking for all the roommates every Thursday night. I made this this evening and it was fabulous. Definitely a must-try for you too 🙂

So it’s taken me a while to embrace the ”normalness” of life now. What it boils down to is trusting God that He is working big time no matter if I’m ”home” in the U.S. or living as a foreigner.

I think you know you’re in the right lifestyle when even though life is daily, you have a sense of purpose and a deep-down enjoyment of the daily routine.

(Still anxiously awaiting the arrival of my cheap-o camera… : ))


Cameras and Kallies

Kallie’s here to visit!!! : ) She’ll be joining the 5th/6th grade bunch for a couple days to complete some psychology observations for a class. Why not? My classroom is full of interesting cases : ).

I’ve been craving a functioning camera for a while now (The Nikon is under the weather and I haven’t had time to take it to a shop…) so I just bought a cheap-o online today. Don’t worry, it’s not too cheap, lol. My standards are still pretty high since owning a Nikon revolutionized my photography world. But for now, a webcam photo of Kallie and I will have to do. Be excited — as soon as I get the camera, that means more photos for the blog! : )